Films that transcend beyond weddings

Your love story isn't just one wedding day.
Your wedding film deserves more than just a highlight video of the day.
It is so much bigger. There was a journey, there was a progression, there were moments.
I create a love story film that tells your relationship, personality, and your JOURNEY.

I work with couples who are madly in love with each other,
truly values relationship with friends and family.
Most of all, not afraid to show emotions.

I'll be your storyteller.
All you need to do is have fun and celebrate your love with your loved ones.

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Imagine a day filled with laughter, sparkling tears of joy, and a connection so strong it dances through every moment.

Your wedding day isn't just a celebration; it's a symphony of emotions,.

As I maneuver through the laughter, the stolen glances, and the dance floor twirls, I'm not just capturing moments – I'm weaving a love story.
From the teary-eyed vows to the spontaneous bursts of laughter, every frame tells a tale of a day that transcends ordinary to become extraordinary. 

Believe it or not, I'm not just a typical wedding videographer.
I'm Jimmy, a former Airplane Mechanic turned wedding videographer in Los Angeles, passionate about creating timeless family legacies for madly in love couples. Ready to share your story?

Discover more about what it's like to work with me, Jimmy, your Los Angeles wedding videographer, and together, let's create an unforgettable masterpiece!

The Day Has Finally Come...

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Stories are what make great films, not pretty shots of flowers and decor.


cinematic wedding films capturing your entire story,
los angeles wedding videographer

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So while I'll still capture those details, my primary focus will be on you, your people, and the main events of the day. But if you ask me, the best wedding films document more than just the story of the day, but the story of your relationship.
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Me and my wife, Min in Faroe Island

"My wife and I were so worried about how awkward we would be in front of the camera, but Jimmy was great at helping us break out of our shells."

"Jimmy really prioritized capturing our unique story, and he wasn’t afraid to clarify, reshoot or change it up to ensure our videos were all about us and our love for one another."

"He made sure to really understand us and what we were looking for. The film takes us right back to the spirit of our wedding."

"We had some ideas in mind in what we wanted our wedding to look like and how we were envisioning the video to appear. After scrolling through a while we got slightly discouraged. But then we found Jimmy's work and it was absolutely perfect. I would work with him 100 times. I still go back and watch the video and am brought back to the experience."

"His "story telling" feature is very unique! He spoke with us ahead of time but captured genuine reactions on the wedding day with his specific questions. He is an example of someone understanding the assignment, knowing his clients and producing a video that far exceeded our expectations. A million thanks for a video that we will re-watch until the end of our days!"

Let's hop on Zoom or FaceTime so that I can get to know you and your story better. I'll ask questions so that I can learn about your relationship, history, and how you envision your wedding day. Along the way, you'll notice just how excited I am about your project. Also, you'll see just how enjoyable and easy this journey to and on your wedding day can be.

Are you excited to share your story?

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When it comes to videography, storytelling is my greatest strength.

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Emotional films that tell stories beyond your wedding day. Your day will be filmed to showcase various moments happening through your day from different perspectives, showcasing a true love story all the way through.

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We'll spend time getting to know one another before so that you'll feel comfortable with me on the day. And because I'll guide you on what to do when needed, you'll feel more relaxed and look like your genuine, beautiful selves too

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