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My wife, Min and I've been married for 5 years now and we are living the best time of our lives together!

I was one of the guys who said "Why would I need a wedding video? I'll have my friends record us with their phones on the wedding day!"
Guess what, that's literally the only thing I regret in my life so far and now, I've become a wedding videographer who is so passionate about helping other couples not making the same mistake as I did!
Well, we might have 10-years vow renewal just to get a wedding video for us!

I love working with couples who are not afraid, rather excited to share their love story and emotions with people.

I’m all about getting to know you, your heart, and how I can actually tell your story that lives on past the trends and create a legacy piece that you can pass on from generation to generation.

tell me your story!

If there is one thing I learned throughout my journey, video is the only tool that really makes me go back to that exact moment and be able to relive it.

And it's really exciting for me to be able to capture your new journey so you can relive those moments over and over again!

and, so began my journey...

About Jimmy

here's a bit about my story.

My journey into becoming a wedding videographer was not a typical one.

In fact, I worked hard for years to get into what I thought was my dream job, Aircraft Mechanic!
Six figures. Great benefits. Lots of vacations. Relaxed working environment.

but, after a month, i wasn't happy. not even close.

A few years later, I married my wife and we were watching a Korean TV show where a celebrity was using a drone. It caught my attention so much that I decided to buy the same one and began watching YouTube videos to understand how it all worked. Then YouTube began to show me how wedding films could look like, I was instantly blown away!

let's talk about your journey...

I LOVE to be in the sky, under the sea, and on the edge of cliffs!

I'm licensed skydiver with 200 jump experience, meaning that, I've jumped out of a perfectly good airplane 200 times!

My dream has been flying since I was s little kid and still is. My goal was jumping off the cliff with the flying suit...until I met my wife and she almost passed out after hearing what I was going to do.

Since then, skydiving is the closest thing that makes me feel like I'm flying!

I'm advanced licensed scuba diver as well.
I've been traveled to incredible diving spots in hawaii, phuket to explore a shipwreck 100 ft under the water and meet some cool fishes and sharks!

under the water, I'm floating and feel no gravity so i guess it's safe to say that i'm flying under the water as well!

My wife, min and I got married in 2018 and since then, we've traveled many different countries and incredible places together.

our favorite countries are Faroe Island, New Zealand and Switzerland so far as we love nature and activities like bungee jump, rafting and hiking!

Tell me your journey!

Here's what I believe...

When it comes to videography, storytelling is my greatest strength. As I edit your video, I'll intertwine audio clips of vows, speeches, and the interview session we'll do day-of. I'll also choose music that reflects your the overall vibe of the day. But how I'll really tell your story is by to be really intentional about timing the moments of the day to music - hooking you in emotionally as everything builds and crescendos together until it reaches the peak of the day (whatever that is for you.)

your love story should be told


My primary focus will be on you, your people, and the main events of the day. The best wedding films document more than just the story of the day, but the story of your relationship. During our initial call, you'll share your general ideas and plans with me. After you book and during our storytelling strategy session, I'll get to know what you want (and don't want) to see in your film.

your emotional moments should be captured


I'm a spectator, not a director. Sure, I'll scout around for the best places and backgrounds. And when we get there, I'll guide you on how to look natural and feel comfortable without it seeming like there's a camera in your face all day. But apart from that, I'll fade into the background and capture the moments as they unfold - including everyone's reactions to them that you may or may not see.



You deserve a film that emotionally tells your wedding day, and your love story.

I'll be your storyteller providing a family legacy that you,
your children and their children will cherish forever.

I'll combine your vision and my know-how to create a love story film that is artistic, yet timeless...and full of your unique personality.

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