"I get bored and don't feel any emotion when I watch all the wedding films out there telling the same story..."

have you ever thought to yourself...

While other videographers slap together the same sequence of shots and stories, I think long and hard about creating compelling narrative arc and the film's structure and  so that I can best tell your love story.

I'm all about getting to know every little details of your story, like how you guys met, how you fell in love with each other. Basically, I get to know who you are and what do you guys love the most each other!

Because I'm a firm believer that your story and your personality are what make your wedding film unique and personalized so that you'd never get bored watching it over and over again for generations

...well, here's how working with jimmy shin films is different

"His "storytelling" feature is very unique! He spoke with us ahead of time but captured genuine reactions on the wedding day with his specific questions. He is an example of someone understanding the assignment, knowing his couples and producing a video that far exceeded our expectations. A million thanks for a video that we will re-watch until the end of our days!

- Angeleah

Your wedding film deserves more than a "Highlight Video" of the day.

so, what does every one of my couples get?

All day coverage.
No more choosing between 6, 8 or 10 hours. You get me and my team for as long as you need.

No Travel Fees.
Yup! As I always make my trip into a vacation, I don't charge any travel fees. One less thing for you to worry about!

Storytelling Strategy Session.
This is one of the most important part for your wedding film. What we are after with this session is getting to the heart of your story, relationship, and your journey.
I wanna so understand you before the wedding day, your personality and your love story so that way on the wedding day, I completely get exactly what you are going for.

See it for yourself how much my couples smile, laugh and cry while watching their Love Story Film!

The moment when Angeleah met Taylor, she wasn't drawn to him at all!

They both met at their medical school interview day, and Taylor couldn’t stop picking on her on such a stressful day for her.
she thought to herself, this guy wouldn’t stop talking…!
They got into school later and became a study buddy and good friend.

But one day, Angeleah really got irritated about something and had to pause “Breaking Bad” while they were watching it together.

and asked him…

When a mutual friend introduced Adrian to Jamie, she thought “Hmm..tall, dark and handsome”

They started dating and one day, she was at home and getting ready for the bed.
Adrian called her and asked if he could come over because he was ‘in the area’. 

When Jamie opened the door, Adrian blurted out this question for her.
“ I wanted to know if I can kiss you and if not, I’ll l just leave and not mention it again!”


Jay and Spencer met in college and she thought Spencer looks very scary because he had a ‘new yorker’s face’.

They got to become a best friend and had endless conversations at Spencer’s lab desk until they were kicked out of the building at 2 AM.

One day, Spencer found his best friend, Matt outside the physics lab and says we need to talk about something serious.
He tells a story about a ski trip and there is a girl that likes him, like, likes him likes him.

And Matt gave him the best advise ever…!


Your film will focus primarily on the people and emotional moments, versus decor and random details.

I spend hours, if not, days just finding perfect music to match your vibe and dynamics of the wedding day because music can literally make or break the film.

Every moment has its place to fit perfectly in a certain part of the song. It just doesn't work if you have high energy, emotional moment at a random part of the song and vice versa.
I'm very intentional when it comes to timing moments for music and that's how I'm able to create a highly engaging, emotional film without you even noticing it.

"...The day of the wedding he captured so many funny moments as well as sweet moments. He places music at the perfect time in the video and the image and the sound quality is impeccable"

Your dad crying as you read your vows to your fiancé, mom having joyful tears while you are having your first dance and people laughing over your maid of honor's joke at the speech.
I always step out of the moment for a second, look around to capture those little moments.
Those moments usually end up being some of the best moments in the film.
And you'll need someone to capture those moments that you won't be able to see on the wedding day.

When there is an action, there are reactions to it.

here's what my clients have to say about it...

- stephanie

I'll combine your vision and my know-how to create a short story film that is artistic, yet timeless.

... and full of your personality.


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